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Three Compelling Ways To Make Our Text Messages More Interesting
Three Compelling Ways To Make Our Text Messages More Interesting

Three Compelling Ways To Make Our Text Messages More Interesting

Written by the Social Attraction Team

So, we’ve been out at the weekend and been lucky enough to get a girl’s number who we really like. She responds to our first few messages and then nothing, complete radio silence. This is a common scenario for a lot of single guys and as a dating coach I’m often asked how we can make our text messages more interesting.

What I have discovered is that we all tend to fall into a similar trap of wanting to hear from a girl far too often, and as a result we end up sending some generic text messages with no real purpose or objective such as:

“How was your weekend?”

“What you up to?’”

“What did you have for lunch today?”

One simple truth that we all need to recognise is that attractive women have numerous men in their lives, all vying for her attention, sending her text messages and trying to organise dates with her.  So our pua text game has to be engaging enough to keep women interested in our interaction.

And as a result we have found that in order to stand out from the crowd, our text messages need to be far more compelling and creative, so here are our top three fantastic and fundamental ways to spice up our own text messages.

Tinder Opening LinesTinder Opening LinesTinder Opening Lines

How To Make Our Text Messages More Interesting #1: Send A Cryptic Message

We have noticed that sending a message that only gives half the information will generally spark curiosity and compel her to want to know more.  A few examples being:

“I’ve just seen something that reminded me of you…”

“OMG I have just seen the funniest thing…”

“I’ve had an idea…”

Make Our Text Messages More Interesting

It’s like watching a TV series and being left with a cliff-hanger at the end of the episode. We have to tune in again next week because we have to know what happens next. On our pick up artist courses we teach that mystery compels women to want to know more about us as a person.

How To Make Our Text Messages More Interesting #2: A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Picture messages are a great way to make her laugh. When you see something funny, take a picture of it and send it to her.

Make Our Text Messages More Interesting

Picture messages add an element of intrigue to otherwise generic text massages, and as a result it gives women a visual image of what you are doing, simply put rather that stating “I’m having a great day” You send a fun picture – This is extremely powerful.

How To Make Our Text Message More Interesting #3: Create A Fun Role Play

We have discovered that a really fun way to exchange text messages is to use conspiracies that we can play out together as a team. It could be something like robbing a bank, forming a band, making a film together or anything.  As a dating coach we can use role plays as a great way to practice ways to tease her, give her jobs to do, assign roles and give each other nicknames. The possibilities are endless.

“Let’s do something crazy and rob a bank. Do you want to be the shooter or the driver?”

Make Our Text Messages More Interesting

They key to successful texting is to mix it up and keep her guessing, variety is the key for making your text messages more interesting! This will make it much more likely to organise a future date.

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