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The Attention-Pose – Reclaiming Our Birthright
The Attention-Pose – Reclaiming Our Birthright

The Attention-Pose – Reclaiming Our Birthright

Written by the Social Attraction Team

In my experience we are often too busy, preoccupied, or distracted when opportunities to approach women present themselves, and this is when approach anxiety can really affect our opportunities.

Overtime, we have been working on developing a method that will enable us to “snap” ourselves into state quickly and take action within literally only a few moments’ notice.

That moment has now arrived, with the birth of our “Attention-Pose”; a simple, yet effective way to energise ourselves into action.  So here are the three main reasons why the Attention-Pose can change our lives.

The Attention-Pose #1: Change Our State

In the British military, it’s a simple call of the word “Attention” which invigorates soldiers, gets them ready to listen and follow a direct order.

We use this very same concept on our pua training courses; it really doesn’t matter what we are doing, as soon as we hear the call of attention everything else become irrelevant other than following the next direct order.

When we train ourselves to immediately stand to attention we change our state, energise ourselves and convey that we are ready to take action.

The Attention-PoseThe Attention-PoseThe Attention-Pose

The Attention Pose #2: Focus Our Attention

We teach on our daygame courses that the Attention-Pose breaks us away from distracting thoughts and acts as an anchor to focus on the task at hand of making an approach.

It also serves to prevent any negative thoughts from entering our consciousness that would stop us from remaining positive, upbeat and significant in the moment.

In essence by standing to attention we set off a chain-reaction that allows us to then start moving our feet, walk over and start a conversation like we are on autopilot.

The Attention-PoseThe Attention-PoseThe Attention-Pose

The Attention Pose #3: A Simple Guide

We teach on our dating coach courses that to adopt the Attention-Pose, all that we have to do is stand to attention in the same way that soldiers do in the army.

We stand up straight with our shoulders back, hold our arms at our side with our elbows slightly bent and then face our head directly forward.

In a nutshell, the Attention-Pose is an instant way to change our state of mind, focus our attention and reclaim our birthright of conversing with attractive women.

The Attention-PoseThe Attention-PoseThe Attention-Pose
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