The Best Online Dating Photos To Use | Top Three Images

The Best Online Dating Photos To Use | Top Three Images

The Best Online Dating Photos To Use | Top Three Images

The Best Online Dating Photos To Use | Top Three Images

The Best Online Dating Photos To Use | Top Three Images

Written by Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

So what are the best online dating photos to use? In this episode, I’m going to share with you the three types of images that will increase your results when you are online dating.

The three types of images are your headshot, your second profile shot, and your third image. In our experience, to get better results online, you are best off using only three images for your dating profile, and the key to getting better results online is to paint a story with those three images.

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Before I go into telling you the best online dating photos to use, First of all, it’s important to recognise that if you just go out and ask a professional photographer to get some photos of you, what is likely to happen is that you are going to get photos that looked staged, so photos that look like they are taken on purpose, perhaps for editorial magazines. What you’re not going to get is an authentic image of yourself.

When you’re online dating, you have to look natural. And even if you have professional photos, they will not do as well as natural-looking images. So let’s get started with the top three photos that will help you to get better results online.

So your first dating profile image has to be a good headshot. Now, what makes a good headshot is a 55-millimetre lens. Now, what exactly is that? If you take an image with that type of lens, what happens is the background automatically becomes blurred and this has the effect of allowing you to pop out of the image. When you pop out of the image, it allows the girl to instantly see your picture as opposed to looking at the whole image.

She will see your headshot immediately which is one of the best online dating photos to use as the main image

Now with regards to backgrounds for headshots, something with a bit of colour works really well. So you don’t want to do it against a white wall because that’s not going to blur very well. You can do it overlooking the ocean, you can do it in a park, you can do it with bright colours. The aim is to get some really nice colours in that background so when they’re blurred, it just adds to the context of that image.

So, how do you make that image look natural? Because it’s actually very difficult to get a good image of yourself that’s looking natural. The easiest way to do that is to have a prop. So you can have a takeaway coffee cup where you’re taking a drink and get someone to take an image of you at that moment because it will look natural.

You can be putting a scarf on, you can be adjusting your blazer, you can be adjusting your shirt, the key is to snap an image of yourself when you are completely natural. You do not want to make it look staged. It has to be an authentic image. So when you’re doing something natural with a prop and someone takes a photo of you, it will paint a really nice picture of you in the mind of the girl who is looking at your dating profile.

So onto the second best online dating photos to use

Now, this paired with the headshot I described is known as an action shot. Now, an action shot is you at your best. It is you doing something that you love. So for me personally, if I was having an action shot, it would be me recording my podcast or public speaking. It will be me absolutely doing something that I love.

It can be if you love exercise running, it can be you at the gym, it can be you playing the piano, the guitar, it can be doing anything that is unique about you in action. And this can be taken professionally or it can be taken on a camera phone, it doesn’t matter.

The key here is to get something of you doing what you love, and that image of you will paint a great picture of what you love to women when they see your profile picture. If you have that type of image paired with a really nice headshot, it’s beginning to make a really nice story of who you are when women view your profile.

The final type of image that is the best online dating photos to use is a socialising shot

Now, what do I mean by socialising shot? Well, if women know that you have a nice headshot, you’ve got a really nice picture, they then move on to your second image and they see you in action, the next thing is to see whether you’re socially aware.

Does this guy have friends? And in this image you want to have a picture of you with a couple of guys and girls, it’s nice to mix it up, but people having fun, smiling, socialising together. You see, what that will do, it will build trust in the person that’s looking at the images because they see a nice headshot, they see an action shot of doing something you love and then they see a social circle around you of people enjoying themselves, having fun.

When you put all of these three images together, it makes a really nice story about who you are as a person.

I’m just going to share the story of why I actually wrote my book titled An Education in Online Dating

The story behind why I initially became involved in online dating, super interesting. So many years ago, a client came to me and asked me to write his dating profile and do his images. And this guy’s name was Martin, he was 57 years old at the time, and at that period in my life I wasn’t a writer and I didn’t really know much about online dating.

So I decided to ask a friend of mine called Dan, who’s a professional screenwriter, very talented writer, and we got together and we rewrote this guy’s profile. We called him Debonnaire which if you met him, is a great name because he’s like this James Bond type character, very suave, very sophisticated.

He actually told us when we met him, that he’d been online dating since the old AOL days, and it just used to be an instant messenger. He never used to know what someone looked like, but it was nice just to log on and speak to people and meet up with them.

So this guy had been dating a long time, he believed that he could write really good profiles but he decided that he wanted a rebrand with the best online dating photos to use

So we redid his profile, put it live online, and within 24 hours he had 22 messages from women. Now, to give you context, most guys’ online date, the statistics show that you have to send five messages to get one in reply. So when we put this guy’s profile live, all of a sudden he had 20 messages.

I’d go as far as to say that his profile for his age and where he lived is probably the best performing profile available. So what we decided to do, we decided to get together down in iron, start doing this professionally, start writing people’s profiles, taking their photos, selling a story of who someone is. And these profiles were extremely successful until Dan moved away to America to pursue his career in screenwriting.

Now, what we decided to do before he went, we decided to write this book. And we put the book together, a how-to guide of online dating, and we put it together on how to write your profile, what messages to send, all of the image information that I’m giving you now. And we wrote it and we decided to leave it for a year. I went down and revisited my hometown, we looked at it, gave it an edit and published it online.

What happened when we published is that three weeks later it became an Amazon best-selling book, which for me was an amazing period in my professional career.

And I have to thank Martin for initially getting me to write him that profile that allowed us to be where we were with writing that book. It’s actually a very sad story of Martin because sadly he passed away three weeks before the book was published, which is why if you see a copy of the book, you’ll notice at the beginning it says in loving memory of Martin Culverhouse. Very nice guy and yeah, it’s a shame, obviously, that he passed away. He did see our manuscript and he was delighted with what we put together off the back of what we did for him initially.

So just to go over what I’ve covered in this episode, the three main images that will get you better results with online dating. The first one is a head-shot using a 55-millimetre lens with a blurred background. Ideally, you want some colour that allows you to pop out of that image. Make sure you use a prop so that you are looking authentic and natural in that image. The second image I spoke about was an action shot, which is you doing something that you love. The better you can encapsulate the image of who you are as a person, the better story that will tell. And the final image I spoke about was the socialising shot, which is you with friends, male and female, having fun, laughing, showing that you are socially aware and that you have friends.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode. I will be covering other information such as what to write in your dating profiles in later episodes. So hope you enjoyed this podcast.

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