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The Big-Dog Pose – Illuminating Our World
The Big-Dog Pose – Illuminating Our World

The Big-Dog Pose – Illuminating Our World

Written by the Social Attraction Team

We explain on our approach anxiety courses that changing our body language can have a colossal effect on how we are perceived, looked at and appraised.

Our latest power pose was introduced to our coaching weekends as a way of instantly energising ourselves, whilst also conveying an incredible amount of self confidence, poise and magnetism.

Since we pioneered “The Big-Dog Pose” it has become a main principle at the helm of our tuition, here are the three main concepts behind its power.

The Big-Dog Pose #1:  Instant Confidence

When we are feeling nervous, anxious or uncomfortable, our body language is usually the first place that this will show.  We will often hunch our shoulders, cross our arms and look down at the floor.

It’s almost like we’re hiding; we don’t want anyone to see us and we are protecting ourselves from any criticism, condemnation or judgement.

We teach on our daygame courses that in reality, by adopting “The Big-Dog Pose” we trigger our body to influence our emotions and the way that we are feeling.  This not only serves to make us feel more confident but also makes us less likely to be influenced by the judgements of others.

The Big-Dog PoseThe Big-Dog PoseThe Big-Dog Pose

The Big-Dog Pose #2: First Impressions Last

Before we even utter our first words to a girl we meet, our body language is opening up the key to how we are really feeling on the inside.

In truth, we can have the best crafted way to start a new interaction, but if our words are saying one thing and our bodies saying another, women will immediately pick up on this incongruence.

We explain on our dating coach courses that by adopting “The Big-Dog Pose” we not only look confident but it also affects the way that we speak, the way that we carry ourselves and the holistic way that we communicate with the world.

The Big-Dog PoseThe Big-Dog PoseThe Big-Dog Pose

The Big-Dog Pose #3: A Simple Guide

To adopt “The Big-Dog Pose” all we have to do is make ourselves physically bigger, taller and take up more space.

We start by standing up straight, then we lift up our chin slightly and finally we place our hands on our hips.  If we can complete these movements quickly then they will also act as an instant energiser.

In a nutshell, when we are learning how to attract women, the simple execution of a power pose can make us look, feel and therefore act more like… a “Big-Dog.”

The Big-Dog PoseThe Big-Dog PoseThe Big-Dog Pose
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