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The Power Pose – Our Secret Weapon To Avoid Rejection
The Power Pose – Our Secret Weapon To Avoid Rejection

The Power Pose – Our Secret Weapon To Avoid Rejection

Written by the Social Attraction Team

It’s one of the most iconic images in sport; the winning athlete reaching up to the sky, arms aloft, chin raised and chest out.

It has been scientifically proven that holding a power pose for just a short period of time affects our hormone levels; most notably testosterone and cortisol which helps us to feel more assertive, powerful, and less reactive to stress.

The power pose is one of the best introductions we’ve ever made to our pua training courses, so here are three reasons why power posing can change our lives.

The Power Pose #1: Reverse Engineering

When an interaction doesn’t quite go as planned, it can be very easy to feel despondent and walk away with our tail between our legs, looking at the floor with our shoulders slouched.

We often allow our body language to be dictated by our emotions, but it is actually possible to change the way we feel by adjusting how we are standing. This may sound incredibly simple, but it has a massive invigorating effect on our mindset.

After every single interaction (good or bad) during our daygame courses we all do a power pose; at best it heightens a great interaction and at worst it breaks the state of feeling dejected.

The Power PoseThe Power PoseThe Power Pose

The Power Pose #2: I’m A Champion

The power pose reminds us that we are a champion just for making an approach; it raises an immediate smile, and most importantly reinforces the positives.

We teach on our approach anxiety courses that as a result we are more likely to focus on the parts of the interaction that went well and forget about anything that went wrong.

The end result is that by continually doing the power pose after an interaction, we are conditioning our minds to associate making an approach with feeling good instead of always assuming the worst.

The Power PoseThe Power PoseThe Power Pose

The Power Pose #3: It Makes Approaching Women Fun

The power pose allows us to stop worrying about the results and be more present, relaxed, and focused on having fun.

We explain on our pick up artist courses that knowing we can never feel rejected if we harness the power of a simple power pose can open up opportunities to meet women who we would never have dreamed of in the past.

In a nutshell, we are in complete control of our own body language, and therefore we can be in greater control of our emotions.   There is no such thing as making mistakes; we should celebrate every single approach, whatever the outcome.

The Power PoseThe Power PoseThe Power Pose
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