Tinder Starting Lines That Get Responses | The Ultimate Guide

Tinder Starting Lines That Get Responses | The Ultimate Guide

Written by dating coach for men Gary Gunn - Founder of Social Attraction

So what are the best Tinder starting lines?

Well, over the years we’ve tried many different ways of messaging women online. I’m going to share with you my three favourite ways.

Tinder Starting Lines #1 – Their name!

So my first Tinder starting line is where I just take the girl’s name, and I put an exclamation mark. It is as simple as that.

What we’re doing here is we’re making it very easy for the girl to message us back. We’re just sending her an opening message.

Which is similar to Hi, but it’s a bit more personable because we’re putting their name in the message.

What we found by doing this, is that if a girl likes you. She will also send back your name with an exclamation mark or she’ll say, “Hi, how’s it going?”

This is the very low-level investment from our perspective. If you’re matching with a lot of girls online it’s a very simple and easy way of taking the next step to getting girls to message you back.

Tinder Starting Lines #2 – Trance words 

My second favourite Tinder starting line is where we take trance words from her bio.

Trance words are words which are powerful and meaningful to us. So if a girl has written in her bio:

“I love meeting my friends for coffee, it’s my favourite thing to do”, you could message her “Love, coffee, friends.”

You take the three main words from her bio and you write that as an opening message. the reason why this works is that it shows that you’ve read her bio,

So if you’re going to use that strategy, make sure your Tinder bio is really good. Girls are likely to read it before they message you back.

Tinder Starting Lines #3 – Flirt – Like – Question 

My final Tinder starting line that I really like, is something called flirt, like, question. And it’s very simple.

First of all, you’re flirty. So you point out something in her profile, which is a little bit weird, either one of the photos, there’s something in the background. Then you mentioned something that you like about her profile.

Then you ask her a question. You could play out to be something like:

“That’s an interesting second photo. I’m not quite sure why the coffee cup is at that weird angle.”

Something that isn’t perfect about her bio that she’ll know that you’re being a little bit flirty with her. Then the second aspect is to like something. You can say:

“But I really do like the photo of you and the elephant in Thailand.”

And then your final thing is to ask a question, which could be, “So tell me when you were travelling, where’s the best place you’ve ever been?”

It’s a little bit more involved than the other two that I gave you. But what it will enable you to do, is to practise flirting on Tinder. Also, connecting by mentioning that you like something.

And then finally, asking a question which is open-ended, in a way that allows a girl to respond to your messages.


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