Three Unique Date Ideas

Three Unique Date Ideas

Three Unique Date Ideas

Three Unique Date Ideas

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Three Unique Date Ideas

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Where do most of us take girls on a date? Drinks, dinner or if we’re feeling really adventurous we might take her for a game of bowling or to watch a film at the cinema.

But what does this really say about us? The worst case is that is she may think we are boring, unimaginative and ultimately forgettable, hardly the type of impression we want to leave when we are learning how to kiss a girl on a date.

Dates are the perfect opportunity for us to display our attractive qualities and create a unique experience that she’ll always remember.

Unique Date Ideas #1: Get Creative

Making something together is not only different and great fun, but it also allows us to work together as a team which can help to reinforce the bond and connection we have.

There are unlimited opportunities for things we can create together like baking cup cakes, making origami or even carving pumpkins at Halloween, we can even text women photos of what we have made after the date which is a great pua text game technique.

As an added bonus, whenever we participate in activities like this we are inevitably provided with plenty of opportunities to flirt with each other too.

Unique Date IdeasUnique Date IdeasUnique Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas #2: Get Walking

From my experience, one of the best ways to keep the energy high on a date is to keep moving and to walk with her.  This is also a great principle when we are thinking about how to start a conversation with a girl as we know we want to move women as soon as we can after our first words.

So why not take her for a tour around our local city on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and show her some of our favourite spots that have personal meaning to us.

By walking around an area we know well, we have an endless amount of conversational material at our fingertips and we can also mix in lots of other mini-experiences like stopping for coffee, ice-cream or even a bite to eat.

Unique Date IdeasUnique Date IdeasUnique Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas #3: Get Passionate

Getting her to join us in something that we really enjoy is a great way to display our skills and talents, in whatever our hobby is, and we can even teach her how to do it ourselves.

For example, if we play a musical instrument like the guitar or piano we could give her a lesson. Or if we like adventure activities like mountain biking or bouldering, why not bring her along?

I have found that when we get a girl to share in something we are passionate about, we are inviting her into our world and can open up in a completely different way to build a much deeper connection with her.  We can also learn how to compliment a girl based on how well she can pick up her new skill set that we’ve just taught her.

Unique Date IdeasUnique Date IdeasUnique Date Ideas

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