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Course #1
Demonstrating Empathy with Reflective Listening

In this course, we explain why empathy is a powerful tool for understanding someone else’s view of the world – this establishes the first foundations of trust – and how reflective listening is a main conduit for creating a climate of social warmth between a man and a woman. We advise on fascinating techniques to put you directly in touch with her feelings and uncover a magical synergy between the two of you.

Course #2
9 In-Depth Ways to Engage Women

In this course, 9 proven methods of spontaneously starting an interaction with women are explained and demonstrated to help you easily overcome any barriers which may be preventing you from initiating a conversation. You will learn how to become more self-assured in your ability to engage new people in dialogue.

Course #3
The War on Goals

In this course, we highlight the benefits of goal-setting as a method of injecting daily excitement, passion and motivation. We will guide you on our cast-iron methodology for setting goals by introducing new values and fresh ideas for fulfilling your potential to cement your vision into reality.


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Course #4
17 Laws of Confidence

In this course, we explain 17 easily accessible ways of demonstrating your confidence, self-assured attitude and positive demeanour around women. We go through simple and proven principles which are suitable in a multitude of different situations meaning you make an impactful first impression.

Course #5
Understanding Women

In this course, we advise on methods to quickly and solidly connect with a woman. By deciphering clues from her conversation, you will learn how to link her real emotions with her true needs which will enhance your connection on a far deeper level. The ability to fully understand a woman leads inexorably to sustaining long-term relationships.

Course #6
Texting & Digital Dating Strategy

In this course, we advise on how taking control of our digital interactions leaves us feeling confident and alluring to women. Whether you text her now or later – and what to text – is answered through different scenarios. You will learn methods of keeping an exciting connection open which saves you time and effort.


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Course #7
Connecting with Women Emotionally

In this course, you will discover how to use the right words and phrases to connect with a woman instantly. We advise you on natural conversational techniques to emotionally charge your dialogue so that emotive responses are elicited from her which will lead to forming a stronger bond between you.

Course #8
Becoming a Social Magnet

In this course, we introduce ways to instigate some fun and excitement into your dating interactions. You will learn over ten energetic and intelligent games to engage women or groups of people in any and all social settings. With these activities, you will become a social magnet by leading the evening’s entertainment and entice people with your charismatic personality.

Course #9
The Art of Deduction with Women

In this course, we advise on various scenarios where you can establish your intelligence and knowledge in a mysterious yet seductive manner. By analysing the information given to you by a woman and observing her traits, you will learn how to deduce exactly the type of person she is, and as a result, charmingly tell her things that will genuinely astonish and amaze her.


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