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Course #1
Demonstrating Empathy With Reflective Listening

Tune in, turn on and get to feel her World! Fascinating techniques showing how listening actively to a woman can put you directly in touch with her feelings – and share them. Learn how demonstrating empathy by reflecting back carefully chosen responses creates a magical synergy between the two of you.

Course #2
9 In-Depth Ways To Approach Women

Crash through those invisible barriers! Getting close enough to utter the first words to a woman can appear daunting. In this video, 9 proven methods of spontaneously starting a conversation with ease are explained and demonstrated.

Course #3
The War On Goals

Setting and achieving our own goals is no mean feat. In this video, take on board refreshing ideas for overcoming numerous everyday obstacles that generally prevent us from fulfilling our potential. Understand how to clear your road ahead and draw your own map to success.


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Course #4
Gary Gunn’s 17 Laws Of Dominance

In this video, master the art of asserting confidence around women through dominant techniques. Easy-to-understand ways of exerting your masculine influence at first sight are explained in depth. Learn how Gary’s simple and fun methods can be used to announce your arrival on the scene with impact – anytime, anywhere and in a multitude of different situations.

Course #5
Women & Subtext

What truly lies behind a woman’s words? Here, find out how tuning into her real emotions by deciphering clues in what she says can lead to a connection. Learn that by quickly understanding her true emotional need is a far more attractive quality than trying to connect on a surface level.

Course #6
How To Text Women – Intermittent Texting

The interminable question whether to text her now or later or even not to text at all is answered! How much time do we waste pondering over such decisions? In this video, we learn how taking control of our digital interactions is alluring to women. And when we text, what is the clever text?


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Course #7
How To Connect With Women Emotionally

Discover how to emotionally charge your dialogue so that an immediate connection with a beautiful woman takes place. Learn the right words and phrases to connect with women instantly. Find out how to elicit emotional responses by using natural conversational techniques.

Course #8
How To Meet Women In Bars & Clubs

Over ten fun games for you to introduce and play with women. Learn how to start and finish the night in smiles and with laughter. Discover how you can use various forms of amusing and intelligent activities to attract, charm and entertain the girls. Play the game and see!

Course #9
The Art Of Deduction With Women

Seduction by deduction! Like Sherlock Holmes, discover how to observe a woman close-up and tell her, from the information we see or find out, why she is who she is – this is the art of deduction. Learn a number of scenarios that establish your intelligence and knowledge in a mysterious yet charming manner.


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