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A Vision Board – The Enigmatic Route To Success With Women
A Vision Board – The Enigmatic Route To Success With Women

A Vision Board – The Enigmatic Route To Success With Women

Written by the Social Attraction Team

Over the years I’ve experienced moments of self-doubt and wondered if I really could achieve the goals I’d set myself within the pick up artist arena of my life.  So how do we keep up-beat at times when we are feeling disheartened, rejected and on the verge of quitting?

I’ve discovered a secret weapon which helps to keep us motivated, focused and gives us that consistent energy to progress with our life.

The name of this success energiser is called a vision board.  Simply put it’s a photographic representation of our goals, objectives and inspirations that will spur us on to get the results that we truly desire.

Vision Board #1: What Do We Really Want?

We teach on our daygame courses that knowing what we really want in our lives is the first step that we need to take to creating our perfect vision board.  Once we have set clear and precise goals we can then begin to find the sort of images that inspire us on a daily basis.

This could be the job we aspire to be doing, the body we want or even the type of girl we want to be with.  The main focus is always to keep the images positive, inspirational and as close to our written goals as we can.

Vision BoardVision BoardVision Board

Vision Board #2: Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration.

We teach on our dating coach courses that the easiest way to decide what types of images to put on our vision board is to find men and women who have already conquered the issues that we are concerned with in our own lives.

These pictures can be people who have overcome adversity, achieved great success or who display characteristics that we want to emulate ourselves.

By continually reminding ourselves of what they have done and how they have done it, it gives us a shot-in-the-arm to keep going and that anything is obtainable. If they’ve done it, then so can we!

Vision BoardVision BoardVision Board

Vision Board #3: Key Values

A simple quote has the power to change our state, put things into perspective and reaffirm the values we need to turn our dreams into our reality.

On our pua training courses we explain that by having them in front of us on a regular basis and reading them repeatedly, they become ingrained into our sub-conscious and after a while they just become second nature.

The end result is that by surrounding ourselves with the visual representations of what we would like to attract into our lives, over time we begin to change our outlook and as a result our lives.

Vision BoardVision BoardVision Board
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