How To Engage Women In Groups

How To Engage Women In Groups

How To Engage Women In Groups

How To Engage Women In Groups

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How To Engage Women In Groups

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Many of us are scared or intimidated about learning how to start a conversation with a girl, let alone starting a conversation with a group of women during the daytime.

There seems to be an impression of added pressure in this scenario and greater rejection if we get it wrong. But In many ways it’s easier when she’s with her friends because there are more people to bounce off and generate conversation with.

I’ve discovered that the biggest reason which stops us having a go is that we simply don’t know what to do in this situation, so here are my 3 simple steps to follow.

Women In Groups #1: Compliment The Group

From my experience, the best way to start interactions with girls during the daytime is to learn how to compliment a girl; and it’s the same when she is with her friends too.

The key difference is that we should be complimentary to them all and engage them as a group or couple, not just with the one girl who caught our eye in particular.

Otherwise we are likely to make the girl we like feel under-the-spotlight and her friends could feel dejected or left out as a result.

Women In GroupsWomen In GroupsWomen In Groups

Women In Groups #2: Introduce Our Friend

Once we have made the initial approach and engaged in conversation, we can get our wing to join us too and he can also watch and learn how to talk to girls during the day.

This allows us to change the dynamic of the interaction and enables us to speak directly with the girl we like, so we can start to build an emotional connection with her.

This can be achieved very simply by telling the girls that they’d really like our friend for a particular reason, indicating for him to come over and then introducing him to the group.

Women In GroupsWomen In GroupsWomen In Groups

Women In Groups #3 Invite Them All Out

If we single out only one of the women that we want to see again and ask for her number in front of her friends it could make her feel anxious and hesitant.

To make things much easier, we can invite the whole group or couple to join us for drinks because they all seem like good fun. This could be later tonight or even right away and is something which we teach on our approach anxiety courses.

Obviously we’ll need to take one of the girls’ phone numbers to keep in touch, which can conveniently be the one in the group who we like.

Women In GroupsWomen In GroupsWomen In Groups

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