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Over 10 Years of Certified Dating Advice

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Social AttractionSocial AttractionSocial Attraction

Social Attraction’s Live Training Courses – Designed To Transform Your Dating Confidence

Over the last decade, we have hosted our dating confidence courses for men all over Europe. All of our course are now available via Skype so you can increase your dating results from the comfort of your own home. From anywhere in the world. We teach everything you need to know about having more confidence with women. Including:

  • How to approach and start conversations with women who you find attractive. This includes all situations; from meeting women during the day to online dating and social situations.
  • How to attract women. We can teach you how to use the art of conversation to become more attractive. Including, how to illuminate your own attractive qualities during a conversation.
  • How to seduce women. We can teach you modern seduction techniques to use in conversation. This means that women will be thinking about you all of the time.
  • How to connect with women. Learn how to demonstrate empathy and build the first foundations of trust. We can teach you how to form a strong bond with women.
  • How to become a more confident man. We can show you how to remove your insecurities which are hampering your dating success. Learn how to become a secure and confident man.

Click “learn more” on any of the images below to find out more about our live training courses.

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Subscribe To Our Social Attraction YouTube Channel

We share all of our dating confidence course on our YouTube channel for free. As well as posting every event online, we also edit the best parts into easy to digest video clips. This way you can learn for free at your own leisure. Our full course videos include:

  • The art of seduction with women. In the course hosted in London, you will learn the top five archetypal seducers. As well as understanding the power of seductive moments.
  • How to have confidence with women. 17 different techniques that you can use right away to demonstrate confidence with women that you meet in any social setting.
  • How to flirt with women. In this training, you will understand how to flirt with women via their emotional response system. Including dating role-plays with our coaching assistants.
  • How to keep a conversation going with women. Most men struggle to talk to attract women. In this course, you will learn how to harness the power of conversation ammunition.
  • How to text women. This course illuminates our full blueprint for texting women. You will learn key ways to flirt, connect and organise dates with women over online messaging.

Click “watch now” to watch any of these videos – for free, as well as our latest educational dating videos.

Social Attraction's YouTube channel

Listen To The Gary Gunn Show Podcast (founder of Social Attraction)

Gary launched his podcast as a way of self-expressing his thoughts on dating strategies. Initially, his podcast was a means of practicing public speaking. Over time, Gary’s podcast generated a following and is now his go-to-place if you want to get the latest and most modern dating advice for free. Including:

  • An analysis of male film characters. In the first portion of Gary’s podcasts, he deciphers why women are attracted to certain men and what you can do to replicate their dating success.
  • Self-development tools. Gary speaks about the strategies that he has used over the years to overcome anxiety. Specific lessons that you can use for yourself.
  • A series of interviews. Gary has interviewed male fashion experts, psychologists and fitness experts on his show. All are available to listen at your leisure.
  • Modern dating strategies. In the most recent episodes, Gary delves deeper into key dating rituals that can help you to meet and attract a long-term partner.
  • His podcast is vast and covers a wide variety of different themes that can help you to develop your dating life.

Click “listen now” to access all of Gary’s podcast episodes. If you have an iPhone or Spotify you can also search “The Gary Gunn Show Podcast” to gain instant access.

The Gary Gunn Show Podcast