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Over the past seven years we’ve been coaching single men all over Europe how to get better results with women and dating.

Across all of our social media channels we share our experiences via our videos, blogs and articles.

So join any one of our communities for our catalogue of free dating advice.

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We host real life coaching weekends for single men who want to gain more success with women.

We offer a range of different types of coaching, all of which are aimed at increasing our confidence with women in real life scenarios.

Social Attraction’s European Community

After attending one of our courses you’ll be added to our secret Facebook Tribe.

You’ll be able to post questions, view our latest content and organise to meet up with other like-minded people.

With your free lifetime membership you’ll form part of our community of men who are successful with women.

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Our tuition is aimed at all parts of our lifestyle, from how we interact with women, our self development through to long term confidence building principles.

Here are some testimonial videos from clients who have attended our advanced 12 week course.